Triple Wall Polycarbonate Sheet

Triple Wall Polycarbonate Sheet
Product Details

Product description:

This Triple Wall Polycarbonate Sheet is light in weight and high in impact strength. In addition, it has good fire performance and light transmission. It also has UV and heat protection. Therefore, it can be used well outdoors. It also has excellent physical, mechanical and electrical properties. It can suppress condensation. It creates indoor insulation by creating insulation and helps you cope with inclement weather. No matter how bad the weather is, if you cover it with multi-layer polycarbonate, your plants and other valuable items will remain safe in your greenhouse. In addition to weather protection, these plates are very good sound barriers. You can install them in conference room doors, office windows, etc. and get absolute privacy. No sound will enter or enter your room through this Triple Wall Polycarbonate Sheet and you will have absolute privacy. This Triple Wall Polycarbonate Sheet is mainly used for subway exits, parking lots, bus stops, shopping malls, large stadiums and rain tents, greenhouses, swimming hoods, roof lights or office awnings, department stores, hotels, schools, hospitals, etc. The sound-absorbing wall of the railway, so it is very practical.

Product specifications:

1) Thickness: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm

2) Maximum width: 2100mm, the length can meet the requirements

3) Color: transparent, blue, lake blue, green, brown, gray, opal, silver, etc.