Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

Solid Polycarbonate Sheet
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Product description:

This Solid Polycarbonate Sheet has a high light transmittance and its light transmittance is 25% to 92%. It depends on the color and thickness. It is lightweight and weighs only half the weight of the same thickness of glass. Its weather resistance is -40 ° C to 120 ° C. It has good impact resistance and its impact resistance is 30 times that of acrylics of the same thickness and 250-300 times that of glass. It has good sound insulation, and its sound insulation is 3-4dB higher than glass at the same thickness. It is easy to install and cold bend, and its minimum bend radius is 175 times the thickness. It can be arched and semi-circular. Solid Polycarbonate Sheet has good anti-condensation and anti-UV effects. Compared to glass, UV coatings do not yellow/turbid/degrade under sunlight. It has good fire resistance because it has a non-combustibility of B1 and an ignition of 580 °C. It automatically extinguishes after leaving the flame and does not produce toxic gases. Solid Polycarbonate Sheet can effectively save energy, its heat transfer coefficient is lower than that of glass and other plastics, the same thickness of glass above the insulation 7% ~ 25%, up to 49%.

Product specifications:

Solid PC sheet, Compact PC sheet

PC sheet thickness: 1.5mm-10mm

Max. Width: 2100mm, length up to requests.

Color: Clear,Blue,Lake-blue,Green,Brown,Grey,Opal-white, etc