Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

Solid Polycarbonate Sheet
Product Details

Solid PC sheet, Compact PC sheet

PC sheet thickness: 1.5mm-10mm

Max. Width: 2100mm, length up to requests.

Color: Clear,Blue,Lake-blue,Green,Brown,Grey,Opal-white, etc

The solid polycarbonate board is made of 100% new imported raw materials with high transparency, low haze and high scratch resistance. It can be widely used in mirroring, automobile instrument panel, nameplate, display screen, control panel, membrane switch, integrated control. Boards, toys, sunglasses, outdoor signs, in-mold insert injection molding and other fields.

The characteristics of solid polycarbonate sheet : High impact strength; Fire resistant; Good Light transmission; With UV protection and thermal insulation;  Excellent physical, mechanical, and electrical properties; Inhibits condensation

Solid polycarbonate sheet usage: subway exits, parking lots, bus-stops, shopping arcades, large stadium and rain tents, green-house, swimming covering, roof light or canopy for office buildings, department store, hotels, schools, amusement cents, hospital, etc. sound absorption wall for freeways, high speed railways.