Snap H Profiles

Snap H Profiles
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Product description:

Snap H Profile maintains consistent physical properties with PC boards. It has good water resistance, good weather resistance and UV protection. It has excellent light transmission and gloss and does not change much over time. For hollow profiles, it is 80 times stronger than glass. For a solid sheet, the impact strength is 200 times that of glass and 30 times that of acrylic resin. Its surface is treated with high-density special UV-resistant materials to ensure UV stability. Its low temperature embrittlement occurs at -100 ° C, and its thermal temperature softening occurs at 146 ° C, so its temperature resistance is good. It facilitates insulation and saves heating energy. The structure of the multi-layer board is very helpful. Snap H Profile can be used for building skylights, track sound screens, greenhouses, subway exits, parking lots, rain tents, corridor tents, bus stops, parking lots, indoor partitions, sidewalks, balconies, swimming pool covers, etc.

Product details:

PC profile, align the PC h

Snap H profiles thickness: 6 mm-10 mm Pc Board mounting

The requested length

PC configuration files use: installation for PC connection