Polycarbonate Twin Wall Roofing Sheets

Polycarbonate Twin Wall Roofing Sheets
Product Details

Product description:

Polycarbonate Twin Wall Roofing Sheet has a strong honeycomb structure that provides insulation and excellent impact resistance. This is a high quality product that combines elegance, modern appeal and high performance. Its double-walled passage captures air between the two walls, allowing the groove to extend along the length of the panel. The recessed panels are mounted vertically with UV covers on both sides of the panel cover to allow internal condensate to escape. Its UV coating provides 99.9% harmful UV protection. It has high impact strength, excellent light transmission, very light weight, strong structure and simple installation. It is flexible because it can be cold-bent on site. Polycarbonate Twin Wall Roofing Sheet is suitable for high wind areas. It should be stored and protected from the sun, rain and so on. Exposure to the sun for extended periods of time may cause the protective barrier to be removed. As with all glass and plastic materials, this Polycarbonate Twin Wall Roofing Sheet should be handled and transported with care to prevent scratching and damage to the edges of the board. Regular cleaning of this product can help extend the life of the material. When cleaning, be sure not to use abrasive cleaners. We recommend using warm soapy water or buying some antistatic plastic cleaners. This double-walled polycarbonate sheet completely recycles its original monomer.

Product details:

1) Thickness: 4mm.4.5mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm.

2) Max. width:: 2100mm, length up to requests.

3) Color: Clear,Blue,Lake-blue,Green,Brown,Grey,Opal-white,Red,Pink, Yellow, Orange, etc.