Polycarbonate Sheet For Greenhouse Use

Polycarbonate Sheet For Greenhouse Use
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Product description:

Polycarbonate Sheet For Greenhouse Use provides 100% light diffusion. In addition, it provides 72-77% of soft diffused light, but it is polyethylene rather than polycarbonate. It reduces excess heat while providing high photosynthetic quality and light. It can reduce the cost of the support structure. The combination of shatterproof polycarbonate and an integrated UV-resistant coextruded layer provides long-term service life. Its honeycomb multi-layer structure reduces heating costs in winter while minimizing overheating in summer. It has a special coating on the bottom to eliminate condensation drops. Polycarbonate Sheet For Greenhouse Use blocks UV rays, burns plants and living tissue, and spreads beneficial radiation. It has high impact resistance, excellent thermal insulation and 80% light transmission. It can be easily cut into any pattern using a sharp cutting tool. It has high impact weather heat resistance and excellent heat retention. Polycarbonate Sheet For Greenhouse Use is one of the best greenhouse plates for protecting plants under wind and rail weather conditions.


PC sheet thickness: 1.5mm-10mm.

Max. Width: 2100mm, length up to requests.

Color: Clear,Blue,Lake-blue,Green,Brown,Grey,Opal-white, etc.

The characteristics of polycarbonate sheets: High impact strength; Fire resistant; Good Light transmission; With UV protection and thermal insulation;  Excellent physical, mechanical, and electrical properties; Inhibits condensation.


It is widely used in High-grade plants, steel factories, warehouses, farm market, market access, sheds and other high-end roofing materials. Especially in corrosive chemical plants, smelters, ceramic plants, soy sauce factory, chemical plants,printing and dyeing plant, organic solvent factory, acid, alkali and other corrosive plant.