The Terminology And Supply And Demand Of Aluminum Plate

    Brushed aluminum: repeatedly with sandpaper will be scraping the aluminum plate manufacturing process, the main process is divided into de-ester, sand mill, washed three parts. In the aluminum wire drawing process, the anode treatment after the special film technology, can make the surface of the aluminum plate containing a metal composition of the film layer, clearly show every fine silk marks, so that metal matte glowing fine hair Silk glossy.Aluminum plate

    Alumina plate: the aluminum plate placed in the corresponding electrolyte (such as sulfuric acid, chromic acid, oxalic acid, etc.) as the anode, under specific conditions and external current under the action of electrolysis and the formation of aluminum. The anode of the aluminum plate oxidation, the surface of the formation of alumina thin layer, the thickness of 5 to 20 microns, hard anodized film up to 60 to 200 microns. PS aluminum (advertising plate, also known as printing zinc plate, newspaper cardboard): the back of the printing pattern thickness of 025 or 03 material of the aluminum plate. Mirror aluminum: refers to the rolling, grinding and other methods to deal with the surface of the plate to show the effect of aluminum plate. Embossed aluminum can also be called aluminum embossing board: belonging to the aluminum plate on the basis of rolling through the surface and the formation of a variety of patterns of aluminum products, more widely used, mainly used in packaging, construction, curtain wall and so on.Aluminum plate

    Supply of aluminum plate material in five areas of excess production - supply of aluminum material ceramic aluminum punching aluminum plate aluminum ceiling network strong aluminum carved aluminum plate profiled tileboard plate aluminum and other products in five areas overcapacity "from 100 million tons to 800 million tons, Still said overcapacity, "China Iron and Steel Industry Association, Deputy Secretary-General in the" China Investment "interview said. In the past, China Steel Association was released at the time China's steel production capacity has reached 800 million tons, but the practice of compliance with steel production capacity as long as 400 million tons, there are 400 million tons of production capacity without national approval.Aluminum plate