The Installation Procedure Of Polycarbonate Sheet

    PC (polycarbonate) has high mechanical strength and very high impact toughness and high conversion temperature, as well as heat-resistant deformation capacity, operating temperature range from $number to 125 degrees. High mechanical strength, good creep resistance, even at low temperature, has a very high impact strength, in the larger temperature range has a rigid holding force, energy-ray, good electrical insulation, very good dimensional stability, translucent, physiological inertia, suitable for contact with food.Polycarbonate Sheet
    As a more common practice, we recommend that you install the PC Engineering Endurance board at a higher temperature. In order to the endurance of the line expansion brought about by the lowest impact, Shanghai Jie Endurance Board manufacturers recommend: In the summer when the plate and plate directly connected to maintain at around 5mm, to set aside the line expansion of the plate, if winter installation to keep the gap between 8mm. PC Engineering Endurance Board installation process what precautions? (1) in the PC Engineering Endurance Board installation, the construction organizers must be protective film printed on the text and attention to understand clearly, and to the operator, especially to pay attention to which face outward standards. Never be mistaken. (2) in the PC Engineering Endurance Board installation, not to remove the protective film, only along the edge of the plate will protect the film 50mm, after installation, immediately remove the protective film, such as must continue to protect the board surface, then remove the film, then cover the protective film. (3) The viscous material of the sealing material should not damage the PC endurance Board. (4) The sealing belt should be of good weatherability and should not lose the stickiness and mechanical strength for a long time. (5) Do not polish or use strong alkali cleaning PC endurance board, do not rub the surface with a hard brush, so as to avoid the phenomenon of nap.Polycarbonate Sheet
    1: Starting from the production, the configuration of raw materials can not participate in any of the impurities do not belong to the PC, heating process stress a temperature control, a good PC board in the process of heating the temperature must be well controlled, this is also the most critical step in the production process, and then in the process of transmission best do not have hard impurities scratch plate, followed by this piece of film, is also an important link, the temperature of the roller to grasp, The temperature is too high will lead to the film paper is not easy to peel off and so on 2: related to PC board two processing: must pay attention to scratches, including handling, cutting, punching, carving in the scratches, are very small problems, is also a key issue. For example, a need to be used to do door panels, if there is a scratch, will lead to the entire door is not beautiful, not up to the expectations of customers, so we in from production to processing this period must pay attention to good protection to avoid scratching plate. 3: The transport of scratches: the upper and lower handling must not let iron, sand within the things to be separated, this will certainly scratch.Polycarbonate Sheet