The Basic Distinguishing Method Of The Quality Of Polycarbonate Sheet

                Polycarbonate is also called polycarbonate. Commonly used abbreviation PC is a tough thermoplastic resin, usually produced by bisphenol A and phosgene, and now it has developed a production method that does not use phosgene, and has been industrialized in the the early 1960s and achieved large-scale industrial production in the late 90. It is now the second largest engineering plastics after polyamide. Its name derives from its internal CO3 group.Polycarbonate Sheet

                Polycarbonate Sunlight Board transmittance of up to 89%, can be compared with glass Shan beauty. In recent years, some domestic manufacturers to adapt to the needs of the demolition customers, produced a large number of recycled materials, poor sunshine board flooded the market, due to the misleading dealers, so that customers on the Sun Board of TRUE or false can not be distinguished. The author after a number of PC plate industry advisory understanding, summed up the following several sunshine board quality of the basic identification method:

               1. Look at the transparency, the best Sunshine board brightness in 94% or so, the lower the transparency of its recycled material added more, low-quality sunshine Board color hair.

               2. Pull the protective film to see the plate. No impurities without particles of the plate is a new raw materials, on the contrary, the foreign body is the addition of the recycled material, recycled material added more impurities more obvious plate quality worse.Polycarbonate Sheet

               3. Look at the thickness of the upper and lower wall, the thicker, the more the material, the higher the proportion, the higher the cost, the better the quality of the plate, this method is also called the unit area of the weight of the sun plate the same method.

               4. Bending Sun Plate-like block, brittle folding plate quality worse, PC Polycarbonate board is a good toughness, if the plate is very easy to break, the description is not a pure PC material, that is, to add the recycled material Sunshine Board.

               5. Look at the surface of the Sun board PE protective film If the relatively good no shedding phenomenon, indicating the equipment process is not backward or factory production attitude is more rigorous.Polycarbonate Sheet

               6. See the flatness of the plate, flat plate on the one hand, the upper and lower wall is thicker, the material is sufficient, not easy to deformation; On the other hand, equipment technology is also better, if the plate has a wave, it shows that the sun plate process is not mature or the upper and lower walls are thin

              7. Price. The same specifications of the Sun board, different brands of sunshine Board price gap is too big, the price of the kind of sunshine board must have a problem.