The Advantages And Properties Of Polycarbonate Sheet

       Anti-UV: polycarbonate sun plate is coated with UV-resistant (UV) coating, the other side has a condensation treatment, set anti-ultraviolet, thermal insulation and anti-dew function in one. can block ultraviolet rays through, and to protect valuable works of art and exhibits, so that it is not damaged by ultraviolet rays. There is also a double-sided UV-made PC board, suitable for special flower planting and protection against ultraviolet radiation requirements of a higher environment.Polycarbonate Sheet

        Light weight: The proportion is only half of glass, saving the cost of transportation, unloading, installation and support frame. Flame-Retardant: National standard gb50222-95 Confirmation, PC board embarrassed burning level, namely B1 level. PC Board's own ignition point is 580 ℃, from the fire after the self out, burning will not produce toxic gas, will not contribute to the spread of the fire. Flexible: According to the design drawings in the site using cold bending mode, installed into arched, semi-circular top and window. The minimum bending radius is 175 times times the thickness of the plate and can also be thermally curved.Polycarbonate Sheet

       Sound insulation: Polycarbonate Sunlight Board sound insulation effect is obvious, than the same thickness of glass and sub-afterburner have better sound insulating, in the same thickness of the condition, PC board sound insulation than glass to improve 3-4db. On the International Highway Noise barrier is the preferred material. Energy-saving: Summer cool, winter heat preservation, polycarbonate Sunshine Board has more than ordinary glass and other plastic thermal conductivity (k value), insulation effect than the same glass high 7%-25%, PC board insulation up to 49%. So that the loss of heat is greatly reduced, for the building of warm equipment, is environmentally friendly materials.Polycarbonate Sheet

       Temperature adaptability: polycarbonate sunlight Plate in 40 ℃ does not occur cold embrittlement, in 125 ℃ not soften, in the harsh environment of its mechanical, mechanical properties and so no significant changes. Weatherability: Polycarbonate Solar panels can maintain the stability of physical indices in the range of 40 ℃ to 120 ℃. Artificial climate aging test 4,000 hours, yellow variation of 2, light transmittance decreased by only 0.6%. Dew-proof: Outdoor temperature is 0 ℃, indoor temperature is 23 ℃, indoor relative humidity below 80%, the inner surface of the material does not dew.Polycarbonate Sheet