Sheet Texture Of PVC Panels

Plate industry, the trend of decoration style intensified, has been from the previous single only select color to the present surface of the processing requirements, are constantly innovating. But I think, the effect of the decoration can achieve the desired, not only in the decoration of the selected plate, but also in the production process of the plate. Whether the production process of the plate is exquisite is an important factor determining whether the decoration effect can meet the requirements.PVC Panels

Different types of plates will have different textures, and different textures can form a distinctive style. Jisheng Tang Black Walnut Ornaments Panel, is to cut the black walnut into a certain thickness of thin slices, and then glued to the surface of the beech plywood, and then a decorative plate, after processing of black walnut veneer, still have the Black pecan log beauty and performance advantages, This is also the Jisheng Tang black walnut decoration panel decorated with an important reason.PVC Panels

Black Walnut brushed wood veneer durable, affixed to the surface of the wardrobe, can be effective waterproof moisture, anti-corrosion. Classic calm tone, engaging and not obsolete. Black Walnut brushed wood trim panel is also a good wall panel. It has a strong impact-resistant ability, can produce perfect diffuse reflection to sound, to reduce noise, help to improve sleep quality. And, the surface bump texture can scatter light, do not damage the eyes. In addition, its wear-resistant, damage is far better than the common paint and wallpaper, home naughty children in the above scribble is not afraid of it.PVC Panels

We can according to the natural characteristics of the plate divided into two broad categories, light drawing and deep drawing. The main difference of drawing is the deep and shallow of the drawing sag, so the width of the grain in the deeper sag is wider, the other is the finer. Deep drawing is more suitable for rough wood, such as Red Oak, Manchurian Ash, Sophora japonica, Limu and so on. Shallow wire drawing is more suitable for fine grained plates, such as white Oak.PVC Panels