PVC Wall Panels Forming Technology

              Composite materials with high specific strength, high specific stiffness, the design of strong, easy to overall molding and other advantages, widely used in the aviation industry, is one of the four major aviation structural material, has become a symbol of the replacement of aviation products. With the development of technology, the aerospace applications of composite materials are becoming more and more widely, especially the composites with large size and overall shape. Large-scale composite wallboard will have a good weight loss effect, obviously improve the overall efficiency of aircraft, such as voyage, mount, etc., can improve the body structure strength and fatigue life, so that the overall structure of the body is better, can simplify the assembly process, the Assembly is simpler, fastener, the number of parts also greatly reduced.PVC Wall Panels

              At present, abroad in the military, civil aircraft has been a large number of applications of large-scale composite wall panels, such as the wing wall plate, fuselage wall panels, and related molding technology is relatively mature, the realization of mechanization, digitization, with a standardized material system, design system, process system and testing system. At present, due to the limitations of materials, design and technological capability, composite material is still in the development stage, the amount of aviation industry is relatively small, manufacturing process is still in the manual molding stage, composite materials are mainly part of the secondary bearing structure parts, such as fairing and rudder surface, large composite wallboard application is less, engineering application is low. Therefore, strengthening the research of composite material technology, especially the research of large-scale composite wallboard forming technology, is very important to further promote the application and development of composite materials and the development of aviation industry.PVC Wall Panels

              The manufacture of composite material is a special process of synchronizing the materials with the workpiece, its molding process is very complex, especially the large-scale composite wall plate, its general size, thickness change larger, solidification molding process temperature, pressure and other key parameters are not easy to control, so the curing process (including pre-forming, curing) is the composite material part of the weight of the formation.PVC Wall Panels