PVC Panels The Characteristics Of

PVC panel with beautiful exterior, comfortable feeling, convenient assembling, stable quality, high reliability, long service life, low cost, small size, light weight, good waterproof/fire/oil resistance, small power consumption characteristics, will quickly replace the traditional open-hole panels, widely used in household appliances, office equipment, instrumentation, electromechanical products and industrial control, toys and other machine products.

PVC panel is a thin film panel, the use of PVC as the main material, using silk screen printing technology to graphics, text, logo set in one of the main protection and marking the role of a plastic products, the general PVC panels using reverse printing, and in the back of a strong viscous double-sided glue.

PVC Panels PVC sheet is not resistant to high temperature, non-solvent and easy to fold, and the use of PVC materials produced by the Panel generally inexpensive, in the production and life applications, the use of such panels is the most important to protect and identify the product.

PVC Panel Features: graphic clarity; The ink adhesion is very strong, and the mechanical, plastic anastomosis is fairly good general thickness: 0.25MM--2MM, such panels cannot be convex key pack, can not make a larger bending degree, in higher than 50 degrees Celsius in the environment prone to deformation; Panel material for PC and pet panels in the future is more widespread.

PVC Panels Thin film panels are in PVC, PC, PET and other flexible plastic materials printed on the established graphics, text descriptions and with different materials made of double-sided adhesive used for marking and protection of plastic products.