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pvc panels has been widely used in thousands of users. It is PVC resin base makings, add a certain amount of anti-aging agent, modification agent such as additives, through mixing, rolling, such as vacuum blister process and made of. There are kinds of PVC plastic gusset plate design, selection of designs and varieties are: milky white, cream-colored, lake blue, etc; Pattern: yuhua, flat peach, Xiong Zhu, yunlong, flowers, spelling a flower, etc. Choose when buying PVC plastic gusset plate, the first choice for appearance, smooth; Second, the smell of plank, such as strong excitant odour, is harmful to the body, should choose tasteless safe products. May be required to produce or distribute unit to show their inspection report, and should pay special attention to oxygen index eligibility, oxygen index eligible to favour fire. When choosing gusset plate color should pay attention to and form a complete set of bedroom whole effect, top the color should be light on the ground color, the same as metope or than metope shallow, so that can let a person feel the space to pull a turn is high; According to installation location, personal interests and the overall environment coordination, pattern of design and color to choose to suit his bedroom adornment.