PVC Panels

               PVC Veneer board here refers to the PVC veneer gypsum board, refers to the gypsum board on the side of the use of PVC as the main material, the use of screen printing technology will be graphics, text, logo set in one of the main protection and identification role of a film, the other side is affixed with aluminum foil to the ceiling as the main material of gypsum board. In the gypsum board itself on the merits, both moisture-proof, fire and other performance, can be scrubbed, easy to clean, three-dimensional decorative effect, fresh and beautiful. Color style can be customized according to customer requirements.PVC Panels

               Surface PVC by special process treatment, anti-static, fire, moisture, easy to clean up, can completely meet the High-precision electronic factory buildings, hospital operating room, biological laboratory, such as high dust, high clean place requirements. Standard specification: Dimensions: 595x595mm, 600x600mm, 603x603mm, thickness: 7~12mm. (can be customized according to customer demand for a variety of specifications) main characteristics: No dust, create super clean space, oil-resistant, can be scrubbed, anti-static. Complete specifications, color rich, high quality and low price, construction convenience, durable, difficult to deformation. Since the market, best-selling products are sold at home and abroad, known as the World's Oriental pearl of the laudatory, favored by customers at home and abroad. Recommended places of use: biological laboratories, food processing plants, computer rooms, hospital operating rooms, special wards, electronics and other dust-free space. Recommended keel selection: Narrow edge black groove reinforced baking varnish keel, narrow edge white groove baking varnish keel, narrow edge black groove baking varnish keel.PVC Panels

               Veneer Gypsum Board 1, with high waterproof, moisture-proof, fire-retardant, thermal insulation, radiation, prevention of subsidence, deformation and other characteristics. 2. Beautiful appearance, high strength, light weight, durable. 3, does not contain toxic substances, the indoor temperature has a certain role in regulating, beneficial to human health, is the ideal green building materials, applicable to the major shopping malls, stations, entertainment venues, restaurants, etc., handsome in appearance, design originality, not crafts, more than crafts!PVC Panels