PVC Film Panel And PET Film Panel Which Performance Is Good?

    PVC film panel and PET film panel which performance is good?

    PVC film panels and PET film panels are the most important materials for the production of plastic products, especially in recent years with the development of electronic products, membrane switch began to appear and applied in electronic products, PVC and PET also in many applications In the membrane switch as a decorative and protective film panel use, then let the Shenzhen days and the printing of the small tape with us to understand the next PVC film panel with PET film panel who have the advantage:PVC Panels

    Although the film panel of these two kinds of information has a similar characteristics, but in the global annual amount of daily and demand and application areas still have a certain bound. Such as PET this material because of the low cost, its application in industry and agriculture is much higher than the PVC data, but PVC data in the commercial and electronic electronics industry in the application rate is far more than PET data.PVC Panels

    For thin film panel which two kinds of information which kind of information is more advantageous, which kind of information is more accustomed to the development of the era of science and technology. I think no one can give a very definite answer for the time being. Because of today's social development, whether it is industry, agriculture is still business is still in the high-speed period, these two kinds of information only need to hold on their own positions, enough to compete with each other.PVC Panels

    Thin film panels in the relatively backward areas of the economy we tend to focus on the development of agriculture and machinery industry, in these areas PET has a certain advantage, in these areas he can occupy the proportion of more than 80% of shopping malls. Development is the support of the demand economy, these areas are often no more money to put into development, so we can only take the principle of the second.PVC Panels

    But the film panel in the agriculture and machinery industry has been carried out in the region of sophistication, we began to focus on the commercial development of the electronics industry, where there is no sure that the PET data advantage, but PVC information can be up to the supernatural powers, the current PVC information Of the shopping malls in these areas is still not enough to make everyone feel strenuous. We are still sure to accept.