Properties Of Polycarbonate Sheet

      Polycarbonate (PC) is a carbonic acid polyester, carbonic acid itself is not stable, but its derivatives (such as phosgene, urea, carbonate, carbonate) have a certain degree of stability of color molecules. According to the different structure of alcohol, polycarbonate can be divided into two groups, aliphatic and aromatic. Aliphatic polycarbonate. such as poly (ethylene carbonate), poly (n)-methyl carbonate and its copolymer, the melting point and glass temperature is low, the strength is poor, can not be used as structural material, but using its biocompatibility and biodegradable properties, can be used in drug release carriers, surgical suture, bone support materials, and so on.Polycarbonate Sheet
      Polycarbonate resistant to weak acid, alkali resistance, neutral oil. Polycarbonate is not resistant to ultraviolet light and is resistant to strong alkali. PC is a linear type of carbonated polyester, the molecule in the carbonate group and other groups are arranged alternately, these groups can be aromatic, can be aliphatic, but also both. Bisphenol-A PC is the most important industrial product.Polycarbonate Sheet
     The PC is an amorphous polymer with almost colorless glassy state and has good optical property. PC polymer resin has very high toughness, the cantilever beam notch impact strength is 600~900j/m, the hot deformation temperature of the unfilled grade is about 130°c, and the glass fiber is enhanced to increase the 10°c. PC bending modulus can reach more than 2400MPa, resin can be processed into large rigid products. Below 100°c, the creep rate under load is very low.
     The PC is poor in hydrolytic resistance and can not be used to repeatedly withstand high-pressure steam products. PC main performance flaw is the resistance to hydrolysis stability is not high, sensitive to the gap, resistance to organic chemistry, scratch resistance, long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays will be yellow. Like other resins, PCs are susceptible to leaching of certain organic solvents. Polycarbonate Sheet
     Polycarbonate colorless transparent, heat-resistant, anti-impact, flame-retardant bi-level, in the ordinary use of temperature has good mechanical properties. Compared with the performance of PMMA, the impact resistance of polycarbonate is good, the refractive index is high, the processing performance is good, and no additive is required to have UL94 V-0 grade flame retardant performance. However, PMMA is relatively low in price and can be used to produce large-scale devices through bulk polymerization.Polycarbonate Sheet