Production And Processing Technology Of Aluminum Plate

     Mainly contains zinc elements. Also belongs to the aviation series, is the aluminum magnesium zinc copper alloy, is the heat-treated alloy, belongs to the Superhard aluminum alloy, has the good abrasion resistance. 7075 Aluminum Plate is the elimination of stress, after processing will not be deformed, warping. All super thick 7075 aluminum plate through ultrasonic detection, can ensure no sand holes, impurities.Aluminum plate

      7075 the high thermal conductivity of aluminum plate can shorten the forming time and improve the working efficiency. The main feature is the hardness of 7075 high hardness, high-strength aluminum alloy, often used in the manufacture of aircraft structures and futures. It requires high strength, strong corrosion-resistant structural parts, mold manufacturing. At present, the basic dependence on imports, China's production process has yet to be improved.Aluminum plate

      The production and processing method of aluminum plate belongs to the rolling process, also known as "calendering" processing. Two kinds of methods are used: hot-rolled and cast-rolling. Characteristics of hot rolling method: In the process of large plastic deformation, the internal organization has experienced many replies and recrystallization, and the coarse grains of the casting state are broken and the microscopic cracks are healed, which makes the billet in the internal tissue homogenization, the grain size and shape, the point defect and the line defect concentration change, and so on, has obtained the remarkable improvement, The transformation of the casting structure into deformed microstructure greatly improves the processing performance of the metal.Aluminum plate

     Especially in the deep punching performance, hot rolled material has the incomparable advantage of casting and rolling. The characteristics of the cast-rolling process: The internal microstructure of the cast-rolling plate belongs to the semi-cast structure, and the direction of the crystal is stronger. Compared with hot rolling, it has the characteristics of less investment, low cost and high efficiency.Aluminum plate

     Aluminum plate refers to the use of aluminum and aluminum alloy sheet material. Alloy aluminum plate can be divided into cold-rolled and hot-rolled, the main difference is the anodic oxidation of the difference, hot-rolled aluminum plate can do anodizing. Cold-rolled aluminum sheet and hot-rolled aluminum plate use different, cold-rolled aluminum plate is used for mold, hot-rolled aluminum plate suitable for stamping stretch.Aluminum plate