Problems Of PVC Panels For Ceiling Material

PVC Ceiling Material light weight, waterproof moistureproof, strong acid and alkaline resistance. The surface of the color pattern changes are also very many, and pollution-resistant, good cleaning, there is sound insulation, heat insulation good performance, especially in the new process to add flame-retardant materials, so that it can be out of the fire, use more safety. PVC ceiling material Cost low, decorative effect is good, so in the home decoration ceiling material occupies an important position, become the bathroom, kitchen, union wash, balcony and other ceiling of the leading material.PVC Panels

PVC Ceiling Profile Installation is simple, if the damage update is very convenient. As long as the one end of the layering removed, the plate block by piece from the layering, replace the damaged plate with the new plate, and then reinstall the pressure of good layering. Pay attention to minimize chromatic aberration when replacing. PVC Ceiling Material Selection: To buy PVC ceiling materials, must ask the distributor for quality inspection reports and product testing certificate. Visual appearance quality Board should be smooth, no cracks, no bump, the mouth and plum processing should be complete, can be installed and removed freely, the surface is shiny, no scratches; tapping the surface of the board is crisp and is used for bending the plate with greater elasticity.PVC Panels Inspection test report, product performance index should meet: Heat shrinkage rate is less than 0.3%, oxygen index is greater than 35%, softening temperature of 80 degrees Celsius above, the ignition point of 300 degrees Celsius above, water absorption rate is less than 15%, moisture absorption rate is less than 4%, dry-like static bending strength is greater than 500 MPA Install the main girder, along the elevation line with cement nails fixed edge keel, determine the keel position line, and then install keel. (Note that, generally for the small size of the kitchen or toilet, can not be installed keel, ceiling area can be larger in the middle of laying keel.) In the installation of the keel should be careful to leave the exit of the lighting line.PVC Panels

Before the panel installation should be installed before the keel and panel, the plate inspection, meet the requirements before installation. PVC Buckle Plate Installation direction according to the length of the plate to determine, if the horizontal and longitudinal materials similar to the case, the plate according to the direction of light installation. For keel problems, generally speaking, the area of small kitchen and Wei ceiling, can not keel, and for the ceiling area of the kitchen and bathroom, should be in the middle of the keel. It should be noted that if the ceiling on the installation of lamps and other electrical appliances, can be based on the situation to increase the number of keel, this can play a role in strengthening, so you can install PVC buckle corner strip.PVC Panels