Polycarbonate Sheet The Introduction Of

Polycarbonate Sheet Polycarbonate plate using the world's first-class imports of polycarbonate raw materials manufacturing, the international advanced production technology, plate through the PC plate surface coextrusion UV coating, so that high concentrations of UV-resistant materials evenly tiled on the plate surface. Can prevent ultraviolet ray through, to avoid the damage caused by UV-aging yellowing, thus extending the service life of the plates. UV-Coextrusion Technology guarantees 10 warranty. Suitable for sports venues, railway station house lighting roof, industrial plant, shopping malls, utilities, residential skylight, lighting hood, indoor decoration and other special requirements of the project.

Polycarbonate Sheet Product advantages

(1) Polycarbonate Sheet High transmittance: up to 80%% of transmittance, as transparent as glass

(2) Polycarbonate Sheet Light weight: PC plastic density is 1.2 g/m2, but only half the weight of glass

(3) Polycarbonate Sheet Strong impact Resistance: impact resistance is the same thickness of ordinary glass 200 times times, is 30 times times the plexiglass

(4) Polycarbonate Sheet Weatherability: The surface has UV-proof coextrusion layer, can prevent the sun UV-induced aging plate, adapt to a variety of harsh weather environment, UV-coextrusion technology to ensure the 10 warranty

(5) Polycarbonate Sheet Sound insulation effect: can effectively reduce noise, widely used in the field of sound barrier

(6) Polycarbonate Sheet Multi-Purpose, easy to install, easy to process: light weight, easy to carry, drilling. When installing, not easy to break, can be cold bending, can also be hot molding processing

(7) Polycarbonate Sheet Fire-retardant: According to the national standard GB8624 test belongs to the refractory B level, without dripping, not producing poisonous gases