Polycarbonate Sheet Definition And Performance Characteristics

   High mechanical strength, good creep resistance, even at low temperatures, with a very high impact strength; in a large temperature range with a rigid holding force; resistance to energy rays, good electrical insulation, very good dimensional stability , Translucent, physiologically inert, suitable for contact with food. It is widely used in machinery, electronics, automobile, construction, daily necessities and other fields, and is rapidly expanding to aviation, aerospace, electronic computer, optical disc, optical fiber, optical fiber, And so many high-tech fields.Polycarbonate Sheet

   Polycarbonate is also known as polycarbonate (Polycarbonate) commonly used abbreviation PC is a tough thermoplastic resin, usually produced by bisphenol A and phosgene, and now also developed the use of phosgene production methods, and has 20 The early 60s of the century to achieve industrialization, the late 90s to achieve large-scale industrial production. Now is the second largest engineering plastics after the production of polyamide. Its name comes from its internal CO3 group. Polycarbonate (PC) has the following performance characteristics:Polycarbonate Sheet1, translucent: polycarbonate light up to 89%, with the glass phase of the United States. UV coating board in the sun burst will not produce yellowing, atomization, poor transmission, ten years after the light loss is only 6%, pvc wastage rate is as high as 15% -20%, glass fiber is 12 % -20%.Polycarbonate Sheet2, impact: impact strength is 250-300 times the ordinary glass, the same thickness of the acrylic plate 30 times, is 2-20 times the tempered glass, with 3kg hammer following two meters fall no cracks, "not broken glass "And" ring steel "reputation.Polycarbonate Sheet3, anti-ultraviolet: polycarbonate coated with anti-ultraviolet (UV) coating, the other side with anti-condensation treatment, set anti-ultraviolet, anti-deodorant function in one. Can block the UV through, and suitable for the protection of valuable works of art and exhibits, so that it is not UV damage. There are also double-sided UV special craft making PC board, suitable for special flower planting and anti-UV protection requires higher environment.4, light weight: the proportion of only half of the glass, saving transportation, removal, installation and support the cost of the framework.Polycarbonate Sheet5, flame retardant: the national standard GB50222-95 confirmed, PC board for the flame level, that B1 level. PC board itself is burning 580 ℃, self-extinguishing from the fire, burning will not produce toxic gases, will not contribute to the spread of fire.Polycarbonate Sheet6, bendability: according to the design at the site site using cold bending