Polycarbonate Profiles

                 The company is a professional production and processing of polycarbonate (PC) material profile of the manufacturers, mainly for pc/pet/abs//ps material extrusion processing, as well as PC injection molding, PC board bending bending processing, PC plate cutting, molding, drilling, milling groove, Folding Edge and a variety of plastic molding processing and PC Board PET Plate PS Board ABS Board surface printing. At the same time, my company developed a PC flame retardant light diffusion profiled materials, flame retardant optical diffusion PS profiled material, food grade PC profiled material, transparent explosion-proof PC pipe and anti-static pc profiled material, products for: electromechanical equipment, railway high-speed rail/car compartment plastic plate/light transmission board and profiles, electronic machinery and equipment Windows Shield panels, Instrumentation display panels, and lighting and other fields.Polycarbonate Profiles

                The invention discloses a polycarbonate curtain wall profile, which is connected by a polycarbonate keel or a UPVC keel and a polycarbonate plate through a clear frame structure similar to a thermal rising coefficient. The whole deformation of polycarbonate board lightweight wall structure, which can tolerate the thermal deformation of polycarbonate plate, and can be installed quickly, without the use of screw connection. The technical scheme of the invention solves the problem is such a polycarbonate curtain wall profile, which is characterized in that the polycarbonate wall profile is provided with polycarbonate plate and keel, and the keel is a polycarbonate keel or a UPVC keel, wherein the keel is extruded;Polycarbonate Profiles

                The keel is a thin-walled cavity structure or a thin-walled hollow grid structure; The grid section of the thin-walled hollow grid structure is octagonal, the arrangement of hexagonal, rectangular, triangular, or above-mentioned shapes; the thin wall thickness of the thin-walled hollow lattice structure is more than twice times that of the wall thickness of the inner grid; The keel comprises a main keel, a Car, a rubber strip The main keel is a cylindrical body with three sides, four sides, six or eight sides, and a card groove is arranged on one side of the main keel or above two face, the card slot is connected with a card strip, and the card bar is a T-shaped structure, a branch of the T-shaped structure is provided with a card-bit projection, and a rubber strip mounting groove is arranged in the remaining two branches of the T-shaped structure. ; a rubber bar mounting groove is arranged in the relative part of the main keel and the glue bar of the card strip, and forming the movable clamping structure with the rubber strip mounting groove of the card strip; a fixed clamping structure is arranged on the side of the main keel without a slot or two surface, and a rubber strip mounting groove is arranged on both sides of the fixed clamping structure mouth. The width of the clamping structure is greater than the thickness of the polycarbonate plate, and is proportional to the thickness of polycarbonate plate; The depth b of the clamping structure is greater than or equal to twice times the width A; the clamping structure is provided with a thermal expansion reservation activity space; The thermal expansion reservation activity space is reserved by the depth B of the clamping structure. The polycarbonate plate is connected with a single layer of keel or a double-layer connection. The beneficial effect of the invention is more safety, the traditional plate is fixed on the supporting steel pipe with the screw, in the case of expansion and contraction, the fixed screw can cause the plate to crack and destroy the whole system.Polycarbonate Profiles