Polycarbonate Profiles

               Polycarbonate (PC) engineering plastic board with high transparency, high impact, high-strength, high resistance to creep, excellent dimensional stability, excellent low-temperature and heat resistance, flame-retardant, processing, sound insulation and other excellent characteristics of new materials, anti-static PC Board is also known as anti-static Polycarbonate Board, the substrate for polycarbonate (polycarbonate), English abbreviation PC. Widely used in building decoration industry, transportation (road, railway, civil aviation) industry, advertising industry, agriculture and electronic appliances and other fields.Polycarbonate Profiles

                PC Sun Board, endurance board, PC board, PC Sun Board, PC Endurance Board, PC acoustic barrier special board product features:

               (1) Light transmittance: P C Plate light transmittance of up to 89%, can be compared with glass Shan beauty. UV coating Plate In the sun will not produce yellow change, atomization, light transmittance, a decade after the loss of only 6, PVC loss rate of up to 15%-20%, glass fiber for 12%-20%.

               (2) Anti-impact: Impact strength is ordinary glass 250-300 times, the same thickness of acrylic plate 30 times times, is tempered glass 2-20 times, with 3kg hammer below two meters fall also no cracks, there is "not broken glass" and "ring Steel" laudatory name.Polycarbonate Profiles

                (3) Light weight: The proportion is only half of the glass, saving transportation, unloading, installation and supporting the cost of the framework.

                (4) Flame-retardant: National standard gb50222-95 Confirmation, PC board embarrassed burning level, namely B1 level. The PC board itself has a ignition point of 580 degrees Celsius, which goes out after fire and does not produce toxic fumes when burned, and does not fuel the spread of the fire.

                (5) Anti-UV: PC board on one side is coated with UV-resistant (UV) coating, the other side has a condensation treatment, set anti-ultraviolet, thermal insulation and anti-dew function in one. can block ultraviolet rays through, and suitable for the protection of valuable works of art and exhibits, so that it is not damaged by ultraviolet rays (UV) Protective film solar radiation on polymer materials have a clear harm, will cause the surface to produce fine lines of degradation. These fine lines are susceptible to water, dust and water chemicals and erosion. These effects on polymers are largely dependent on environmental parameters such as geographical location, altitude and seasonal variations. Hongsheng Plate has a single-sided or double-sided UV protection layer, has a good outdoor weather resistance. This unique protection ensures long-term use of strong ultraviolet light and retains its optical properties, compared with other thermoplastic materials.Polycarbonate Profiles