Performance OfAluminum Plate Stamping

     International custom to put the thickness of 0. Above 2mm, 500mm below, 200mm width above, the length of the aluminum material within 16m is called aluminum sheet or aluminum sheet, 0. The following is the aluminum foil, 2mm width of the material or material (of course, with the progress of large equipment, The widest possible 600mm of nesting is also more. Alloy composition is usually divided into several aluminum plate: high-purity aluminum plate (by more than 99.9 of the content of high purity aluminum rolled), pure aluminum plate (the composition is basically made of pure aluminum rolling).Aluminum plate
     Alloy aluminum plate (made of aluminum and auxiliary alloy, usually has aluminum copper, aluminum manganese, aluminum silicon, aluminum magnesium, etc. series of composite aluminum plate or 釺 welding plate (through a variety of materials to obtain special purpose aluminum plate materials), aluminum aluminum plate (aluminum plate coated thin aluminum plate for special purposes).Aluminum plate
      Mainly used for processing needs good molding performance, high corrosion resistance, or solderability of the components, or both required to have these properties than 1*** alloy high strength of the workpiece, such as transport of liquid tanks and cans, pressure cans, storage devices, heat exchangers, chemical equipment, aircraft tanks, oil conduit, reflector, kitchen equipment, Washing machine cylinder body, rivet, welding wire.Aluminum plate
plate, thick plate, stretching tube. As long as the extruded tube is used for all aluminum cans, it requires more parts than 3003 alloys, chemical production and storage devices, sheet metal parts, construction baffles, cable pipes, sewers, all kinds of lamps and lanterns. Aluminum 3004 Alloy: plate, thick plate is mainly used for housing partition, baffle, sewer, industrial building roof cover.Aluminum plate
      Rolled or extruded structural profiles, cold working rods, cold working wire, rivet wire, forgings. Requires a certain degree of strength, corrosion resistance, high solderability of various industrial structures, such as manufacturing trucks, tower construction, ships, trams, railway vehicles, furniture and other tubes, bars, profiles. Classification of aluminium plate grades. Because it does not contain other technical elements, the production process is relatively simple, the price is relatively cheap, is currently the most commonly used in conventional industry series.Aluminum plate