Material Properties Of Polycarbonate Sheet

Rigid foamed polyurethane is used in roofing engineering, which can also play the role of heat preservation. In all building insulation materials, foaming polyurethane is one of the lowest thermal conductivity materials. Its performance is characterized by the internal structure of the sealing rate ≥92%, the surface of the foaming layer forms a smooth film, its close-hole rate is close to 100%, has a high hydrophobicity, and the density is 40kg/m3 when the compressive strength is >1.5mpa; There is a certain elasticity, the elongation rate is 10%; on metal, concrete, masonry, wood, Glass has a good bond. Its use characteristic is: the rigid foaming polyurethane uses the field injection foaming and the composite precast slab two kinds of methods. The spray foam uses two components to converge together at the time of injection, immediately reacting to the formation of foamed polyurethane, a method that can be used for field foaming. In the case of not suitable for on-site foaming, can be prefabricated composite plate, the gap between the plate can be filled with foam gun foam, the effect is also very good.Polycarbonate Sheet

Scope of Use: Rigid foam polyurethane can be used in a variety of roofing works. The base of its use is mainly concrete cast-in-situ slab, Precast concrete slab and cement mortar leveling layer. There is a separate site foaming polyurethane, both as a waterproof layer, but also as an insulating layer, and some as one of the water layer, but also insulation, with waterproof membrane or waterproof coating composite; also useful waterproof coating, waterproof coil, foam polyurethane 3 of materials together to form a waterproof insulation layer. Polycarbonate Sheet

The main method of slope roofing is to foam on the grass-roots concrete and then hang tile on it. The method to solve the problem of heat insulation of flat roof is to use structure to find the slope, especially the cast-in-place concrete roof in the design of roofing structure using rigid foamed polyurethane.Polycarbonate Sheet