Impact Performance Of Polycarbonate Sheet

Using the data fitting function of VAC-V1 to obtain the data of oxygen permeation of polycarbonate film at any temperature in -120℃~350℃ (i.e. 153k~623k). This temperature range is selected according to the brittle temperature of commonly used plastics, as well as the thermodynamic conversion temperature, and combined with the actual temperature of the general thin film material, is a relatively comprehensive temperature range. Of course, if the test gas source is nitrogen or other inorganic gas, you can also use the equipment data fitting function to obtain other gases for the material ventilation.Polycarbonate Sheet

It is necessary to pay special attention to the existence of dissolved swelling in the permeation of organic gases through the film, so the use of fitting functions has some limitations. The data of the oxygen permeation of polycarbonate film at any temperature in the -120℃~350℃ temperature range has been built, and through these special temperature, the oxygen permeation can help the user to carry out the structure design of packaging materials reasonably and effectively.Polycarbonate Sheet

Bisphenol-a polycarbonate has excellent impact resistance, creep resistance, heat resistance and cold resistance, can be used in-100~140℃ temperature range, visible light transmittance of up to 90%, with high tensile strength, bending intensity, elongation and rigidity, anti-aging, excellent electrical properties, low water absorption, but oil resistance, Wear resistance and poor processing performance.Polycarbonate Sheet Polycarbonate is widely used in automotive, electronic and electrical, construction machinery, office automation equipment, packaging industry, sports equipment, health care and household goods and other fields. How to detect the data of polycarbonate through oxygen? Standard test environment for material permeability is 23 ℃.Polycarbonate Sheet