How To Produce PVC Wall Panels

                  The current PVC wood-plastic wall board is surging, each factory scrambling to the wall board production line, a moment between PVC Wall board technician, boot master became a scramble object. What are the advantages of PVC wall board? 1, PVC wood-plastic decorative wall board with the same processing performance, can be nailed, can drill, can be cut, bonding, with nails or bolts connected fixed, smooth and delicate surface, no sanding and paint. 2, PVC wood decorative wall board has better physical properties than logs, better than wood size stability, will not produce cracks, warping, no wood section scar, twill, add coloring agent, laminating or composite surface can be made of a variety of colorful products, so no regular maintenance. 3, PVC wood decorative wall panels with fire, waterproof, corrosion, moisture resistance, not moth-eaten, not long fungi, acid and alkali, harmless, non-polluting and other excellent performance, low maintenance costs. 4, PVC wood-plastic decorative wall panels in the use of similar wood appearance, higher than plastic hardness, long life, can be thermoplastic molding, high strength, energy conservation. Product quality, light weight, heat preservation, smooth surface, no pollution.PVC Wall Panels

                  So how to produce PVC fast-loading wall panel/soft crystal wall/bamboo fiber integrated wall board? Production line composition: 1, Cone dual-Host 2, vacuum stereotypes 3, Traction machine 4, cutting machine 5, flip material rack. The production line adopts intelligent control, with high automatization, stable operation, simple operation and high production efficiency. In addition, the Czech Republic has always adhered to customer-oriented, always implement the "turnkey" program, to provide customers with door-to-door installation and commissioning of production and training and raw materials formulations, to ensure that customers can be stable production.PVC Wall Panels

                  The equipment is equipped with 1 and 65 cone double extruding production line, which is used for producing larger lines and thin sheet products. 2, 51 cone double extrusion line, used for production of small line products. 3, 80 cone double extrusion production line, for the production of wider and thicker plate class products 4, high-speed mixer 500/1000. 5, Crusher 6, grinding machine. 7. Laminating Machine.PVC Wall Panels