How To Check The Quality Of PVC Panels?

pvc panels Common sense

Check the PVC gusset plate condole top quality should pay attention to:

(1) the dragon bones shall comply with the quality requirements of condole dragon bones.

(2) with nail, nail spacing shoulds not be too big. Should be on the card slot. Nail head may not be exposed.

(3) PVC plate joining together neatly, flat, flat-fell seam uniform.

(4) with metope, curtain box of window, lamps and lanterns junction should be tight, can not have leak phenomenon.

(5) light lamps and lanterns and keel connected closely, no direct connection shall be heavy lamps and lanterns and ceiling keel, should be on the base of setting up lifting parts.

(6) around the corner with matching plastic button vertex Angle, to sew, the Angle, and the wall around, aperture uniform.

(7) panel and keel should connect closely, surface level off, the arch of the right, can not have stains, fracture, lack of edge Angle, defects such as scratches, bruising, hammer, colour and lustre is uniform.

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