Family Pack PVC Panels, Aluminous Gusset Plate Condole Top Installation Considerations?

pvc panels bofan,Use plastic board, aluminum ceiling skeleton method is the dragon first fixed firmly, stay on the electrical wiring finished with five plywood, aluminous model board with adhesive stick firmly, combined with the corresponding edge article, you must set up inspection hole (note: use the method of metope of aluminum-plastic plate making the same).

Kitchen, toilet condole top without electricity punchs a hole on the hammer ChaoDing, lest destroy the waterproof layer. Should use the big core panel nut, and both ends fixed on the wall, and the light steel keel is fixed on the big core panel.

Waiting for light steel dragon framework and after fixation of edge horn aluminium reserve fixtures, the location of the bath bully, buckle aluminous gusset plate (plastic gusset plate condole top is the same),welcome to consultation BoFan PVC panels,