Details Of PVC Panels Material

For many years, people think that PVC is a man-made note in the disharmony of nature, which destroys the environment and is not conducive to ecological development. The surface and shape of the goods will leave a first impression. Advertising psychologists believe that the first impression on the sales of products plays a decisive role. PVC Panels

In this sense, PVC film market prospect is very optimistic. In fact, with the development of the Times, PVC is also with its good performance, simple process and many other advantages gradually won people's favor, has been more and more people accept and recognition.PVC Panels

Furniture is made of PVC surface materials, see those luster natural, colorful, rich and diverse, beautiful pattern, elegant style and high-grade desk, bookshelf, sofa, kitchen cabinets, who will not be the streets of those devastated "white trash" association, Not to mention that PVC blister film gives them so beautiful coats.PVC Panels

The main ingredients are polyvinyl chloride, plus other ingredients to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, ductility and so on. The top layer of the surface film is the paint, the main component of the middle is polyvinyl chloride, the bottom layer is the back coating adhesive. It is a kind of synthetic material that is popular in today's world and has been widely used. Its global use is ranked second in all kinds of synthetic materials.PVC Panels

PVC can be divided into soft PVC and hard PVC. The hard PVC accounted for about 2/3 of the market, soft PVC accounted for 1/3. Soft PVC is commonly used in flooring, ceilings and leather surface, but because soft PVC contains softener (which is also the difference between soft PVC and hard PVC), easily brittle, not easy to save, so its scope of use has been limited. Hard PVC does not contain softener, so flexibility is good, easy to shape, not easy to crisp, non-toxic non-polluting, long save time, so has a great development and application value. Hereinafter referred to as PVC.PVC Panels

The essence of PVC is a vacuum blister film, used for all kinds of panel surface packaging, so also known as decorative film, adhesive film, used in building materials, packaging, medicine and many other industries. Building materials industry accounted for the largest proportion, 60%, followed by the packaging industry, there are a number of other small-scale applications of the industry.PVC Panels