Detailed Analysis Of PVC Panels

    PVC Veneer board here refers to the PVC veneer gypsum board, refers to the gypsum board on the side of the use of PVC as the main material, the use of screen printing technology will be graphics, text, logo set in one of the main protection and identification role of a film, the other side is affixed with aluminum foil to the ceiling as the main material of gypsum board. In the gypsum board itself on the merits, both moisture-proof, fire and other properties, can be scrubbed, easy to clean, stereo finishes, fresh and beautiful. Color style can be customized according to customer requirements.PVC Panels
    Set decoration, sound absorption, sound insulation, fire, flame retardant, heat insulation, insulation, energy-saving, insulation and other features in one of the advanced decorative materials. PVC Gypsum Veneer Board also has moisture-proof, beautiful, not variant characteristics. Widely used in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, theatres, ballroom, station, auditorium, office, living room, office, electronic room, precision instrument room, and factory or residential interior decoration.
PVC veneer commonly known as plastic veneer, is a widely used surface decoration materials. According to the pattern or color can be divided into monochrome or wood grain, according to the hardness can be divided into PVC film and PVC tablets, according to brightness can be split matte and high light. According to the veneer process can be divided into flat-stick decorative film and vacuum blister decorative film. Among them, PVC tablets are commonly used in vacuum blister production technology, high-grade office furniture, cupboard doors, bath doors, home decoration doors, decorative board surface often using PVC film vacuum blister.PVC Panels
     Polyimide adhesive tape is also high temperature adhesive tape in the electronics industry to become gold finger masking tape, mainly used for spraying paint coating protective role, in the instant resistance to 250 Shan usually in the time of 30 minutes can withstand 200 Shan, acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, high pressure, not residual gum. Polyimide is made of high temperature double-sided adhesive tape for electronic products, automotive industry, coating and other products, such as high-temperature spraying shielding protection and insulation and other uses, after being made without residue. Printed circuit board, electronic parts, resistors capacitor production fixed, home appliances, machinery, electronics and other industries need high-temperature spray protection, high-temperature binding fixed role. Circuit board wave soldering, reflow or tin furnace protection gold finger parts, products have passed SGS certification.PVC Panels