Description Of Specific Properties Of Polycarbonate Profiles

      The impact resistance of polycarbonate plate is 100 times times that of ordinary glass, 30 times times of plexiglass; the surface of polycarbonate board is treated with Anti-ultraviolet process and has anti-aging properties; Sunshine Board is the national refractory BL grade Engineering plastics material; the sound insulation of sunlight board reduces noise to 8-20db (Iomm). Polycarbonate Profiles
     Therefore, polycarbonate board in the daylighting roof, greenhouse cover insulation materials, highway noise barriers, the general amount of industrial building space partition and wall, and many other fields are widely used. Polycarbonate board as a wall, generally through bolts, screws and keel bracket system connection. The thermal expansion coefficient of PC is 6. 75x10-5/cm/cm/°c, the relative displacement caused by PC board is larger in the environment of drastic change of temperature, and the inconsistency of thermal expansion coefficient between polycarbonate plate and keel system is easily caused by the tearing and deformation of the flange plate of the screw hole.Polycarbonate Profiles
     In order to prevent the expansion of the screw hole flange plate tearing, deformation, screw hole to do reaming treatment, reaming and must be the hole around the edge of grinding and other details processing to ensure that the smooth edge of the hole and no bump and rough surface, but also need to install a larger diameter sealing gasket, thereby increasing the installation workload and installation costs. Polycarbonate Profiles
     A large area of polycarbonate plate and keel must be provided with a plurality of exposed bolts and screws connected structure, not only not beautiful, and the screw holes become rainwater, dust infiltration and corrosion of the intrusion point, and affect the strength of the structure system, shortened the life of polycarbonate board. When the polycarbonate board is used as the building insulation material, the bolt and screw connecting part becomes the thermal bridge of the enclosure structure, which affects the energy saving effect.Polycarbonate Profiles
    A polycarbonate curtain wall profile, which is connected by a polycarbonate keel or a UPVC keel and a polycarbonate board through a frame structure similar to a thermal rising coefficient. The whole deformation of polycarbonate board lightweight wall structure, which can tolerate the thermal deformation of polycarbonate plate, and can be installed quickly, without the use of screw connection. Polycarbonate Profiles
    The technical scheme of the invention solves the problem is such a polycarbonate curtain wall profile, which is characterized in that the polycarbonate wall profile is provided with polycarbonate plate and keel, and the keel is a polycarbonate keel or a UPVC keel, wherein the keel is extruded.Polycarbonate Profiles