Characteristics And Use Of Aluminum Plate

     In recent years, the production of aluminum alloy die-castings has been rising year by year, and the development is very rapid. According to expert analysis, the original in this respect because of the trend of automotive lightweight, the global aluminum alloy die casting market has a huge demand, and with the automotive industry in recent years to optimize the upgrade, gradually using aluminum castings instead of gray iron castings, thus continuously stimulating the demand for aluminum alloy die castings constantly rising. On the other hand, due to the development of the global die casting industry, the demand for aluminum alloy die castings is also increasing, and as a result of the trend of global economic integration, the global die-casting production center gradually shifted to China, and our country's unique     labor force and aluminum resources advantage, this will undoubtedly appear die-casting industry's rapid development of the status quo.Aluminum plate
The aluminum plate is the thickness of the 0.2mm above to 500mm, 200mm width above, the length of 16m within the aluminum material is called aluminum sheet or aluminum sheet, 0.2mm below for aluminum, 200mm width of the material or bar (of course, with the progress of large equipment, the widest can be done in 600mm of the platoon is also more). Aluminum plate refers to the use of aluminum ingot rolling processing of rectangular plate, divided into pure aluminum plate, alloy aluminum plate, thin aluminum plate, thick aluminum plate, pattern aluminum plate.Aluminum plate
     Usage: 1. Lighting Lighting 2, solar reflective film 3, architectural appearance 4, interior decoration: ceiling, wall, etc. 5, furniture, cabinets 6, Elevator 7, signs, aluminum plate, luggage 8, automotive interior and exterior decoration 9. Indoor decorations: such as frame 10, household appliances: refrigerators, microwave ovens, audio equipment, etc. 11. Aerospace and military aspects, such as China's large aircraft manufacturing, Shenzhou spacecraft series, satellite and so on. 12, mechanical parts processing 13, mold manufacturing 14, chemical/insulation pipe coating.
    Aluminium sheets-Pan the widest possible 600mm of material is also more. Aluminum rod, Diameter: 3-500mm aluminum Tube, Thickness: 2-500mm: aluminum tube, aluminum plate, aluminum rod Pan theoretical calculation formula. (Note: With actual weight error, size unit mm aluminum plate weight (kg) $number. 0000028x thick x Width x length aluminum tube weight (kg) $number. 00879x wall thickness x (od-wall thickness) x length aluminum rod weight Calculation formula (kg) = diameter x diameter x length x0.0000022 Aluminum plate