PC engineering plastics glazing is the three application areas industry, the automotive industry and electronics and electrical industry, followed by industrial machinery and parts, CD, packaging, computer and office equipment, medical and healthcare, film, leisure, and protective equipment. PC can be used as window glass, PC laminates are widely used in banks, embassies, detention and protective window in a public place, for aircraft enclosures, lighting equipment, industrial safety gear and bullet-proof glass. PC Board can do various signs, as gasoline pump dial, and car instrument Board, and warehouses and the open commercial signs, and points type sliding indicator, PC resin for car lighting system, instrument disc system and within decorative system, as Qian shade, with strengthening reinforced car before and after document Board, mirrors box, frames sets, and operation Rod nursing sets, and resistance flow Board, and PC was application as wiring box, and socket, and plug and the casing, and gasket, and TV conversion device, phone line bracket Xia communications cable of connection pieces, Gates box, and phone switchboard, and distribution disc components, Relay case, PC can be done with low load parts, motors for household appliances, vacuum cleaners, shampoo, coffee machine, Toaster, power tool handles, gears, worm gears, bushings, guide, refrigerator shelves. PC is ideal for optical storage media materials. PC bottle (container) transparent, light weight, good resistance to erosion, must be washed at high temperature and corrosion-resistant, recyclable bottles (containers).