Laminated PVC Panels

Product Details

Product description:

Laminated PVC Panel has high strength, high transparency, good weatherability, non-toxic, healthy, physical properties better than plexiglass. It is an ideal replacement for wood, aluminum and composite panels. Made of PVC, calcium carbonate and some additives, it is ideal for interior wall and ceiling decoration, especially for bathrooms and kitchens. Laminated PVC Panel uses a variety of surface treatment methods. It uses printing as a surface finish to ensure that its entire surface is brightened by the glue of the roll forming equipment. This glue, after heating and UV treatment, becomes part of the plastic ceiling, making it shiny and shiny. We also use hot stamping as the surface treatment for the pvc panel. The color design will be transferred to the panel, which can be designed as needed. Laminated PVC Panel has also been laminated. We use glue to cover the basic panels of plastic film on the surface, so this product looks like wallpaper, flowers, marble, wood or any color you like.

Basic specifications:

1) Laminated PVC panels standard thickness : 7mm,8mm, 9mm, 10mm,

2) standard width: 10cm, 12cm, 16cm, 18cm,20cm,25cm,30cm,40cm.

3) PVC panel usage: used as ceiling and wall decoration panel

4) fireproof, durable, easy to clean

5) Customized colors and dimensions available upon request