Laminated PVC Panels

Product Details


Laminated PVC panels is a hot-selling product in our company. It is a kind of vacuum plastic film, which is used in the surface packaging of all kinds of panels, so it is also called decoration film and attached film, which is applied in many industries such as building materials, packaging and medicine.

Basic Specification

1) Laminated PVC panels standard thickness : 7mm,8mm, 9mm, 10mm,

2) standard width: 10cm, 12cm, 16cm, 18cm,20cm,25cm,30cm,40cm.

3) PVC panel usage: used as ceiling and wall decoration panel

4) fireproof, durable, easy to clean

5) Customized colors and dimensions available upon request


1.Laminated PVC panels are well used for wall decoration,they are strong enough and beautiful for the wall.

2.The product has high strength, high transparency, good weather resistance, non - toxic, health and physical properties better than organic glass.

3.It is an ideal substitute for wood, aluminum and composite plates.