Interior Fold Doors PVC Accessories

Interior Fold Doors PVC Accessories
Product Details

Product description:

Interior Fold Doors PVC Accessories enables simple installation, shutdown, expansion, and cleanup. It is very useful for interior decoration. It keeps the color and texture on the door from fading for a long time. Its design makes it flexible, fluid, imaginative, elegant and space-saving. It is suitable for small rooms or spaces. It is an easy to install PVC folding door for bathrooms and interiors. It is not affected by moisture. It does not warp due to high humidity. This Interior Fold Doors PVC Accessories does not collect dust and it has an anti-mechanical effect. Its practicality is higher than natural veneer, wood or MDF. It has a smooth surface and is easy to maintain, and even the most stubborn dirt is easily washed away. Interior Fold Doors PVC Accessories is able to make accurate measurements. This is especially important for private homes with non-standard doorways.

Product specifications:

Material: PVC

Structure: double layer

Size: according to your requirements

Design: Full plastic panel connected by soft connecting shaft with handle, magnet, wheel, screw, clip

Application: PVC folding door special design is suitable for bathroom, living room, dining room, storage room, bathroom, conference room, restaurant, hospital, etc.