Stained-glass ceiling

Stained glass is painted to paint directly on the glass, then barbecue complete, and reflects the color of the light of beauty. The various designs and can be used for interior lighting. But this material is only used for local decoration, or as Christian Church.

Ceiling decoration, among material things, the main problems is the proportion of all shapes and sizes. The former should be dealt with in accordance with the specific conditions, the latter shall be calculated according to the ergonomics, aesthetics. From the heights, home improvement clearance height should not be less than 2.5 m. Otherwise, try not to do modeling smallpox, rather than decorative plaster line box.

Decorated with light-weight steel joist gypsum board ceiling or plywood ceiling, at the time of face paint. Should use gypsum powder and sealed seams and sealing tapes key again, painted at the bottom.

Ceiling construction, whatever the material, should remember one thing: sealed! In case of rats and cockroaches in the nest.