Square ceiling

Used in many commercial spaces, normal use 600x600 specification, Ariake and dark bone points. Keel aluminium or iron. Main plates can be divided into plasterboard, Silicon, calcium and mineral wool panels in three categories. Gypsum in the preceding paragraph have been noted, here we talk about calcium silicate Board and plasterboard.

1) calcium silicate Board is the full name of fibre reinforced calcium silicate Board, it consists of siliceous materials (such as diatomaceous earth, bentonite, quartz powder), calcareous materials, reinforced fibre as the main raw material, undergo billet, pulp, steam, surface processes such as sanding and made of lightweight sheet metal. Calcium silicate Board with a light weight, high strength, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, fireproof, another notable feature is its easy, not as easily processed powdery cracked again as gypsum board.

2) mineral wool Board consists of slag at high temperatures, high pressure, high speed rotating, removing impurities, cleaning wool, mineral wool Board is mainly composed of mineral wool, adhesives, paper pulp, composed of Perlite. Mineral wool panels with calcium silicate Board similar characteristics, but sound-absorbing properties and calcium silicate Board better than gypsum board.