Plywood ceiling

For the current renovation. Plywood (plywood) is after cooking to soften, the logs along the rings cut into large slices, by drying, finishing and coating, lay-up, hot pressing, sawing into. With light weight, high strength, good elasticity and toughness, impact resistance and vibration. Easy processing and finishing, insulation and so on. 5 PCT for general use plywood of smallpox. 3 PCT thin easy-arch, 9 per cent are too thick. The reasons for its popularity is its ability to easily create a wide variety of modeling smallpox, including curved, round, let alone.

Plywood ceiling paint with some time may be lost, is in the decoration, make sure you brush varnish (varnish), do do anything else until after the operation. Another disadvantage is the interface of the splint will crack, the solution is in the decoration, use Putty to fill seams. With respect to other properties of wood, see plates section. 4, painted aluminum buckle ceiling