Installation technology

General plate is equipped with special keel, keel for galvanized and painted steel, standard length: 3000MM.

1, according to the same level of installed received corner series.

2, according to proper distance, lifting light steel keel (keel 38 or 50), the General spacing of 1-1.2 m boom from distribution as provided in light steel keel.

3, and put pre-installed in buckle Board keel hanging pieces, together with buckle Board keel close light steel keel and and light steel keel into vertical direction buckle in light steel keel following, buckle Board keel spacing General for 1 meters, all loaded finished Hou must adjustment level (General situation Xia buildings and by to lifting of aluminum Board of vertical distance not over 600MM Shi, not need Middle added 38 keel or 50 keel, and using keel hanging pieces and hanging Rod directly connection).

4, plate parallel to sequentially tie clasp matching keel, Gusset Plate connections using special joist series connectors connected.

5, the Board must wear gloves when installing, in case of leaving fingerprints or stains, detergent water wipe dry after cleaning, good installation process easy.