Computational method

Customers can choose according to his room the size of your favorite Board, also recommended by the designer to choose. Directions at the top of the long to paving, and nut to the French, but not this statement. Director or by dividing the size of each Panel the width of which is the number you want. Board with a dedicated the keel 1.2 meters per square meter per square metre of square plate with a dedicated frame 3.3 meters, and 4. 100MM plate size multiplied by the length of each Board area, for example: U100*3000, the area of 0.1*3=0.3M2. U125*3000, its area is 0.125*3=0.375M2. 300*300 the plate surface area of 0.3*0.3=0.09M2. 350*350 area 0.35*0.35=0.1225M2