Bonnie glass ceiling

Acoustic noise coefficient BRC ≥ 0.85, reference GB/T16731-1997

Moisture-proof their hydrophobicity of glass fiber to ensure that the product itself does not absorb water, ensure that the use of the process is not easy to damp.

Fire protection flammability class a, reference GB/T5464-1999 GB/T8624-1997

Cave in damp-proof deflection values for 0.7mm, reference JC670-1997

Its chemical and physical properties of antibacterial glass fiber are more stable, reactions with microorganisms, relatively few materials.

Poor thermal resistance of thermal conductivity of glass fiber, glass plate heat insulation properties of the finished product the effect is obvious.

Light reflection of visible light reflectance ratio of 0.90, reference standards for GB/T2680-94 ISO9050:2003 (e)

Green glass fiber matrix for silicon dioxide (SiO2), and high environment