Hot Stamping PVC Panels

Product Details

Product description:

This Hot Stamping PVC Panel has the advantages of light weight, non-flammable, non-absorbent, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, heat-insulating and sound-insulating effect. The color on the panel can be permanent and will not age, so it can keep its beautiful appearance well. It works well for wall decoration. It is strong enough for walls and ceilings. Insects or termites cannot penetrate this product, so it is very strong. In addition, it does not rot or rust. Hot Stamping PVC Panel has excellent rigidity and superior impact surface without any peeling. It is easy to cut, drill, nail, saw, rive and install. It can be quickly maintained without the need for painting. Hot Stamping PVC Panel saves a lot of time and labor costs through simple and quick installation.

Basic specifications:

1) Standard thickness: 5.5mm, 6.0mm, 6.5mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 12mm,

2) Standard width: 6 cm, 10 cm, 16 cm, 18 cm, 20 cm, 25 cm, 30 cm, 37 cm, 37.5 cm, 93 cm.

3) PVC panel use: used as ceiling and wall decorative panels

4) Fireproof, durable and easy to clean

5) Custom colors and sizes are available upon request

6) Surface treatment: hot stamping

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