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Product description:

This H Profiles can be used as an end cover for the H profile of the PC table connection or the U profile of the PC board. In addition, it is mainly used for connection and dustproof during PC sun board and PC endurance board installation. It is characterized by flame retardant, moisture-proof, tamper-proof and easy to clean. It is used to join the length of the plastic profiles of two polycarbonate sheets side by side. Transparent plastic profiles produce less pronounced vertical seams than aluminum profiles. It makes it easier to add polycarbonate to the frame. H Profiles is made of tough, sun-resistant UVI polycarbonate and is weatherproof and maintenance free. It can easily cut lengths with a hacksaw. It is used as a connector between the PC board and the edge seal. H Profiles not only makes installation quick and easy, but also effectively prevents the board from rupturing when punching holes in the board. Using a PC connector also makes waterproofing easier and easier.

Product specifications:

Thickness of this product: suitable for 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 16mm PC board installation

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