Folding Doors' Accessories

Product Details

Product description:

Folding Doors' Accessories is stylish and casual, easy to slide, waterproof and moisture-proof, soundproof, wear-resistant, durable, non-fading, environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly. It uses folding technology for processing, coincident folding and expansion, suitable for different space requirements, to maximize the open space. It not only achieves the best quality in materials, but also gives consumers peace of mind. It has a very good decorative effect, and also has the characteristics of various colors and novel design. Folding Doors' Accessories is widely used in homes, workshops, shopping malls, office buildings and other places. It uses a variety of natural wood-like colors to make the main part of the door. This will help this door look like a real wood frame. Its special size can be used for customization. It is moisture resistant, durable, aesthetically pleasing and cost effective. Folding Doors' Accessories is easy to install, clean and maintain. Customers can specify the door size and optional design, color and printing. Its foldable design makes it flexible and space efficient.

Product specifications:

Location: Interior

Surface treatment: completed

Type: Accordion Door Sliding Door

Material: PVC

Door material: plastic