Colored PC Sheet With Corrugation

Colored PC Sheet With Corrugation
Product Details

Product description:

Colored PC Sheet With Corrugation can be used for sidewalk roofs, canopies, roof lights and sloping glass. It delivers the maximum available natural light and provides a smooth surface finish for the glass. It has a pleasing colored surface and a lightweight system that provides easy installation and excellent thermal insulation. It uses co-extruded UV protection for long life and eliminates harmful rays from the sun. It provides excellent optical clarity. It combines strength, impact resistance and high light transmission. Compared to solid PCs, it has easier molding and finishing characteristics, and has a wider range of colors and thicknesses, making these sheets extremely versatile. Colored PC Sheet With Corrugation is easy to clean and its non-breakable properties make this corrugated polycarbonate sheet a sturdy product for the greenhouse environment. It provides a lightweight but almost non-destructive covering for greenhouses, warehouses, garages, etc. Colored PC Sheet With Corrugation is easy to install using common woodworking tools and are available in temperatures ranging from -40°F to 120°F. Polycarbonate is a natural flame retardant.

Product specifications:

Length: Custom

Color: transparent, blue, green, opal, white, brown, etc.

Temperature resistance: does not become brittle at -100 ° C, does not become soft at 135 ° C.

Weather resistance: Good performance between -40 ° C and 120 ° C.