Clear Polycarbonate Roof Sheet

Clear Polycarbonate Roof Sheet
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Product description:

Clear Polycarbonate Roof Sheet is durable and combines strength and impact resistance. It has transparency and light transmission. This wear-resistant and durable roofing light material is ideal for roofing applications that require panels above their weight to ensure long-term performance. It uses cutting-edge technology and is more sturdy on both sides of the insulation and UV coating and does not reverse the installation. Due to the height of the profile ribs, it also makes it easier to direct rainwater to the drain. Clear Polycarbonate Roof Sheet is ideal for projects that require high performance materials and maximum light transmission. Its durability, attractiveness and exceptional flexibility make it an excellent choice for ordinary straight roofs and curved roofs. Compared to glass, this product with uv coating does not yellow, turbid or degrade under sunlight, because it has a very good UV resistance. Clear Polycarbonate Roof Sheet has a lower heat transfer coefficient than glass and other plastics and is insulated from 7% to 25% above the same thickness of glass, up to 49%. Its temperature resistance is very good, so it does not become brittle at -100 ° C and does not soften at 135 ° C.


PC sheet thickness: 1.5mm-10mm.

Max. Width: 2100mm, length up to requests.

Color: Clear,Blue,Lake-blue,Green,Brown,Grey,Opal-white, etc.


Clear Polycarbonate Roof Sheet is widley used in industrial workshop.warehouse lighting roof,stadium lighting roof,swimming pool, greenhouse, residential and commercial lighting velarium, lighting materials of steel structure worksjop, channel, parking shed and indoor partition.